Lessons From a Sheep Dog

Over the years there have been many events that have come into my life that have seemed at the time to have been serendipitous. Looking back at them, one realizes that their coming into my life has been from the Lord.

One of these has been the writings of Phillip Keller. I would love to have known him; but he went to be with the Lord in 2001.

When I was in the hospital in 1997 for cancer surgery I was given one of his books; “Strength of Soul,” and it was quite literally a “God send”. Since then I have purchased a number of his books, and all have been profitable for me.

When our daughter began her campaign to reduce my library, one of the authors that was off limits was Phillip Keller.

Recently I have been doing much more reading of books in digital format (ePub and mobi primarily) since it makes it easier for me to take books with me, and to read them in what would otherwise be awkward circumstances.

One that I purchased online is “Lessons From a Sheep Dog”. I just finished reading it again, and the lessons spoke to me again. The matters of trust, love, obedience, and so on; are so important for us in our journey here below.

I highly recommend this little book.

Author: patrick

An older man who enjoys his Bible, and his ministry as an itinerant preacher. A Mac user from way back when there was actually a Mac clone. Married with 3 adult children and 6 grandchildren.