“Who Moved the Stone?”

Our family recently experienced several days of “excitement”. Before that took place we had planned for supper and an evening with a sister and brother-in-law, and because of those events, thought to cancel. However, we decided to go ahead with it, and as they were leaving later that evening; on an impulse, I offered a copy of a little book I have enoyed to my brother-in-law. Since then I have been reading my other copy, and thoroughly enjoying it.

Lee Strobel, in his foreword, writes: “Morrison’s stirring intellectual exploration of the historical record proved to be an excellent starting point for my spiritual investigation.”

Some of the aspects of this little book that have made it special for me (not in any particular order) are: Morrison’s attention to the small details of the narrative in the four Gospels; his careful reading between the lines to flesh out his understanding of the events of the week; and the care with which he puts before his readers his confidence in the written record.

I am an advocate of reading good books multiple times. In fact, there are some books I have read possibly a dozen times. Fortunately I read fairly quickly, but it is always true that a second, third, or fourth read invariably brings to mind little points I had focussed on before, but come again to mind with renewed clarity. There are times I will find myself reading in an early chapter, and saying to myself, “Ah, that is why the author says … in a later chapter. I find my grasp of the big picture is enhanced by multiple reads.

Of course, that is true also as we read, and re-read, the Scriptures. The more we read, the more we see and understand the big picture.

I would recommend this little book. I purchased several copies on Amazon, and I am confident it is a book that would increase your understanding of that eventful week that culminated in the stone being rolled away.